Vietnamese Immigrant Rejected From Job, But His Daughter Made It Public And Left Everyone Speechless.

08 December 2018

Unfortunately, workplace discrimination is quite common these days and we regularly see examples shockingly similar to this one. Nevertheless, the whole world was surprised when they found out about an immigrant who was rejected from a job in the rudest way.

Minh Huynh is a Vietnamese immigrant who applied for a job he had the necessary experience for. But Huynh was rejected in the most inappropriate way by one Bruce Peterson, who was the HR manager. He rejected the poor man via email. Enter Emily, Huynh’s daughter.

Young Emily shared a screenshot of the rejection email on her Twitter profile and it sent everyone into a frenzy. It also shed light (again) on the never-ending struggles immigrants go through on a daily basis. Her father sent an email to apply with the following text – ‘Talk about appointment available, Monday.’

What he got was the rudest response ever

The actual HR manager responded to his email saying – ‘Let me tell you now, if you no speak English, I will send you home’.

No one denies that English is a necessary language for jobs in the whole of North America, but there is never a need for this type of response.

This only speaks about the (lack of) culture of the manager and does a serious blow on someone’s confidence.

Emily explained that her father wasn’t seriously hurt by the manager’s comment, but that the people need to know about the constant stigma that follows immigrants.

She also said that she was disgusted by the comment because this type of communication is always used, but people refuse to act on it – which is why those who see it fit to make such comments get off easily.

The email came during the most important time – the attacks on immigrants are always present, and the fact that the head of one of the most important countries of the world endorses it, only makes the matter worse.

The amount of unwanted publicity enraged community expressed resulted in Bruce Peterson losing his job – discrimination isn’t and never will be tolerated.

On the other hand, the support Huynh got was heartwarming

Since the unfortunate incident, Emily has shared with everyone that her father has received immense support and job offers.

She also said her father is constantly working on improving his English.

It’s nice to hear that people are willing to help others, no matter their origin or the color of their skin. Don’t be like Bruce. Be like Emily.

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Vietnamese Immigrant Rejected From Job, But His Daughter Made It Public And Left Everyone Speechless.
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