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What the Stars of ‘My 600-lb Life’ Are Up to Now After Losing More Than 500lbs

14 June 2017

Since 2012, TLC’s My 600-lb. Life has documented several shocking and inspirational weight loss stories that have resulted in some amazing before and after photos. The unscripted series follows participants as they undergo gastric bypass surgery to lose weight, but once their journey is over, fans are left wondering where they are now.

Christina Phillips, 25, from South Haven, Mississippi admits that she is still struggling with the emotional aspects of her weight loss two years after documenting her journey on the TLC series in 2014.

‘I’ve lost a lot of weight over the past couple of years, and lately any time I see the scale go up, I tend to freak out and I will stop eating for a couple days,’ she says in a preview clip from the episode. ‘I know I’m not 700lbs anymore, but I still feel that way. And I don’t know how to change how I feel,’ she admits.

Christina’s struggle with obesity started when she was a child, and by the time she was 12 years old she weighed nearly 300lbs.  During her first appearance on the show, Christina said she turned to food because her parents ‘used to fight a lot’ and ‘it was scary’.

However, her caretaker husband was unable to cope with her newfound independence after her weight loss, and they finalized their divorce a year ago after she realized their relationship was ‘centered around him enabling [her].’

Christina tells her therapist that aside from gaining weight, she is afraid of ‘disappointing people’. ‘At the beginning I had a lot of people doubt me,’ she explains. ‘I was in a really abusive relationship. And that definitely, I think, has had a negative impact on me. It hurts. In my heart, in my head.’

She moved in with her boyfriend Shane, whom she had been friends with for eight years and has known her at her biggest and has always been really supportive of her.  Christina says Shane is really good for her because he helps her get out of the house even though she feels like she needs to hide her arms and her legs despite her amazing weight loss.

‘It’s weird when I was 700lbs I couldn’t even get out of the house, but now that I can I still don’t feel normal,’ she explains. Christina admits that she knows she has ‘to work through some things’ in order to overcome her obsession with the number on the scale.

Paula Jones appeared on the second season of My 600lb Life and shed 265lbs from her 533lb frame following her gastric bypass surgery.

”When I was 700 lbs., I felt worthless, and like I didn’t deserve anything better than the life I had,’ she says. ‘And now my fear of gaining weight has crippled me. But I have to move past that fear if I want to live my life.’

Although the 41-year-old from Atlanta, Georgia has managed to lose another 60lbs in the past two years, she fears she has passed her unhealthy eating habits on to her daughter Savannah. ‘Savannah, at a 11 years old, she weighs more than I do right now, so I feel like I can help her the most by helping her find healthy foods and what to look for when deciding what to eat.’

During her previous appearance on the show, Paula revealed that she turned to food for comfort after she was molested by a family member when she was six years old. Now that Christina has overcome her addiction to food, she wants to ensure that her children don’t follow in her footsteps.

Paula has already had surgery to have the excess skin on legs removed, and she is looking forward to having the procedure done on her arms as well. ‘My biggest fear going into surgery is that they won’t be able to do both arms, and that will delay my recovery even further,’ she admits. ‘I really need to get this final surgery behind me.’

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What the Stars of ‘My 600-lb Life’ Are Up to Now After Losing More Than 500lbs
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