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Who Are You Exactly? Find Yourself In This Intriguing Test

16 August 2017

Psychology is such a diverse subject that through the simple method of images it can unravel your personality in an instant. Now quizzes and puzzles on the net may be interesting but some of them aren’t just trivia. Take for example this remarkable tree of images which allows you to pick your person.

Called the Blob tree test, it requires you to choose two images which can reveal your personality. It also reveals how you see the world and that can be thought provoking in many a sense. Try it and see for yourself.

Observe a figure that you may feel drawn to the most. Choose that particular figure which you feel resembles you the most. Now choose another figure that depicts what you would like to be resembled like. Once you have your two figures, let’s see what they mean:

If you choose position: 1, 3, 6 or 7, it characterizes you as a motivated person, who is not afraid of any obstacles in life.

If your choice fell on one of the following numbers: 2, 11, 12, 18 or 19, it means you are a communicative person who will always provide any support to their friends.

Choosing the little man number 4, defines you as a person with a stable life position, a person who wants to achieve many successes without overcoming difficulties.

Number 5 – perpetually tired, weak, you do not have enough life force.

The choice of which fell on the little man’s number 9 – you are a happy person, who likes fun.

No. 13 or 21 – you are detained; often you are exposed to internal concerns and avoid frequent communication with people.

Number 8 – thinking only of themselves and immerse in their own world.

If you have chosen the numbers 10 or 15 – you have a normal adaptation to life, you are in optimal condition.

Number 14 – falling into emotional collapse, most likely you are exposed to the inner crisis.

The No. 20 usually chooses people with high self-confidence. You are a natural leader and you want people often hear only your opinion.

If you choose the little man number 16? You feel a little bit tired of supporting someone, but did you notice? You in this figure hugging number 17 – in this case, you tend to evaluate yourself as a man surrounded by attention.

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Who Are You Exactly? Find Yourself In This Intriguing Test
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