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Woman Accidentally Sends Her Boyfriend a Text Meant For Her Friend Detailing How She’s Cheating On Him

16 June 2017

It’s very painful to find out that  your loved one cheated on you. When it happens, many things go through your mind.

What would happen if you find out all about it just as you are about to get cheated on by some miracle? Well, the good thing is that you just need a girlfriend like Zoe, not the miracle …. or you need it. Check out what this guy did when his GF sent him a text by mistake, which revealed that she was cheating.

This is Jordan McNelly

Joe is an average and reliable guy who was working hard every day and he all that because he wanted to surprise Zoe, his loved one.

He wanted to earn as much money as he could so that he and his GF could have a trip to Florida.

Then things got a little complicated

Jordan got this text message from Zoe which was meant for Zoe’s friend but he got it by mistake.

After he opened it and read it, he realized that it was about the “other guy.” A much, much worse thing than some breakup text.

How did he react?

He was shocked and angry. He knew that freaking out was not the answer,but he obviously needed to get some revenge.

He got it by “accidentally” posting the text on his twitter account. Oh yeah, that was going to hurt her a lot.

And of course, that came with an avalanche of comments

The post blew up on Twitter and a lot of people were discussing it. His first post got 64 thousand retweets and 260 thousand likes in very short period.

He totally broke the internet, and people reacted in many different ways.

People on Twitter found Zoe

People searched for Zoe’s account in order to comment or call her names, and since she has withdrawn from the Internet, they started to mismatch girls with the same name.

And of course, they started to attack and troll those girls.

Some interesting opinions shown up there. Some followers came up with their suspicions about her texting him with the message on purpose.

They said it was a breakup text and that she wanted to end the relationship in the most dramatic way.

What happened to Zoe?

The real Zoe. Did she respond after all?

Negative, not even a one trace of her! She completely vanished from social networks and her profiles were inactive. Of course, people still wanted to know the end of the story.

Jordan was trying to explain it all. He asked everyone to stop bugging every girl on Twitter who was called Zoe and that real Zoe didn’t have Twitter account.

Things calmed down a little bit. But then he tweeted about something else that happened which totally changed this entire story.

He said this

What the … ?!  He said that the “other guy” wanted to fight him because of what he did,  so the drama didn’t end yet.

People wanted to see what Jordan did and if the fight really happened, they just couldn’t believe it.

In meanwhile, people were still sending messages to the wrong Zoe, and photos like this one kept coming.

It looks like the girls felt empathy towards his story and they had really supported Jordan because of what happened .

He stated, in some of his tweets, that Zoe apologized to him and claimed that it was an accident. No one bought it apparently…

People wanted to make sure that he doesn’t get back together with Zoe.

This was one of his last Tweets about this topic

One of his last tweets about the infamous Zoe didn’t sound very convincing to the surprise of many. Perhaps he really wanted to write this or just maybe, there was more to the story.

This one was made right after the tweet about her new boyfriend threatening him…

Let’s call it closure

Maybe the “other guy” threatened him to stop tweeting or  maybe there was a fight. We’ll never know what happened at the end. He is single and free as a bird now.

And that counts pretty much since the whole “incident” has brought him the sympathy of many girls.

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Woman Accidentally Sends Her Boyfriend a Text Meant For Her Friend Detailing How She’s Cheating On Him
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