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You Won’t Believe What They Found When They Decided to Drain This Canal in Paris

09 May 2019

Recently, the authorities in Paris, France, had to empty a canal located in a luxurious neighborhood. The canal is close to a lot of clubs and tourists spots, but the residents were puzzled when the city chiefs decided to drain the canal.

A lot of people were hired for the job, and it took a long time to empty the whole canal. But why was it emptied? You’ll never guess what was found when the authorities finally saw the bottom of the canal.
Saint-Martin Canal

This canal has not been cleaned and drained for 15 years. Last year, the authorities decided to drain the entire canal. The canal had 3.2 million cubic feet of water.

The canal is located in the center of Paris, in an exclusive area full of popular night clubs.
This Is How It Used to Be

Because it hasn’t been emptied since 2001, there was a lot of garbage in the water, and it looked unsafe.

Saint-Martin had to be drained, and the authorities estimated that this project would cost more than ten million dollars. The canal is 3 miles long.

The canal is 3 miles long, so it took a long time to drain it and to see the bottom. The police even got involved.

When they drained the canal, they discovered piles of garbage. One of the things they found was a shopping cart.

Not only one but several bicycles were found abandoned at the bottom. All of the items that they found were covered in a thick layer of mud.

Before draining the canal, the authorities were tasked with catching all the fish, and it took them three days to do that.

Bicycles were not the only two-wheelers found in the canal… How did they even get there?

The locals were worried because of the nightlife in the area and the tourists that come through the neighborhood. Many of them reported that the nightlife could make the neighborhood unsafe and damage the area.
Divers Were There to Help

It took a lot of effort to catch all the fish first with nets, and other equipment and divers had to be hired later to inspect all the things that were found in the canal.

In fact, the canal got so polluted that a lot of the locals helped out with the cleanup.

You can’t even imagine the amount of junk that they have found. Back in 2001 when the canal was drained for the last time, the authorities had to clean up and get rid of forty tons of garbage.

When they drained it in 2016, they found shopping carts, scooters, bottles, briefcases, rusty metal objects and a lot of other garbage, buried in the mud.
It Took a Lot of Time

The police got involved when somebody found a gun that was thrown in the canal many years ago. They stored the gun as evidence.

The canal was built at the request and financing of Napoleon in 1804, and the purpose was to provide fresh water to the neighborhood.
Piles and Piles of Garbage

Before all that garbage was removed, 4.5 tons of fish were transferred from the canal to a new home.

After they caught the fish, they drained the canal until the water level was at 20 inches.
What Is the History Behind All These Objects in the Canal?

Maybe someone was trying to send a message, or hide something? Some memories were lost forever.

This is an antique camera, so you have to wonder why someone would throw away something so valuable.

Maybe somebody didn’t like the song on the radio?

You can see how much rubbish was in the canal by looking at the objects around the small radio. There are bottles, empty cans, books and other items that were affecting the quality of the water.
A Powerful Statement

The people who organized the cleanup of the Saint-Martin canal wanted to draw attention to some important issues.

They created a campaign on social media and they posted these images on Instagram.

The people were persistent to clean up the canal and to breathe new life into the luxurious neighborhood in Paris that many tourists visit.

The online campaign was created to tackle the issues of drinking, clubbing, and vandalism in Paris.
A United Effort

Celia Blauel is a politician who is in charge of preserving the environment. When the project was over, she told the people of Paris to show their respect to the canal and to take care of the city’s environment.

Paris, like many other cities in Europe, has a lot of canals and many careless people throw things into them without even thinking about the consequences.
Today They Have a Beautiful Canal

Saint-Martin canal got a total makeover after a long effort that took a lot of time and money.

Celia Blauel says that the canal is so clean now, it will soon be possible for people to swim in it.

You Won’t Believe What They Found When They Decided to Drain This Canal in Paris
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