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He Wore A Bright Neon Dress To His Best Friend’s Funeral For The Best Reason Ever

08 April 2019

Imagine having a best friend for over a decade. Sharing every single moment with them, the good, the bad and the worst. Now imagine losing that friend – that’s exactly what happened to Barry Delaney.

Kevin and Barry were best friends for years. They went through thick and thin and they were inseparable – until Kevin left for his military tour to one of the most dangerous places in the world.

Kevin was passionate about his job

Kevin had already served a few tours and was quite passionate about his job. He dedicated his life to serving for his country, but before he left for his last tour, he said to his friend Barry that he had a weird feeling.

He made Barry promise him something

Haunted by this feeling, Kevin started talking about his future with Barry. They spoke about what would happen if Kevin didn’t make it back. They agreed that Barry would wear something rather special to Kevin’s funeral. It was a joke.

Barry’s promise

Kevin didn’t want to make his funeral boring. He wanted it to represent his and Barry’s friendship, to remove the serious from it. Barry promised Kevin that he would wear a dress, but not just any dress – he would wear a brightly-colored dress. It was a promise Barry never shared with anyone.

He couldn’t find the right dress

The deal between the guys was that Barry would wear a neon pink dress with polka dots – green polka dots. However, Barry never thought he would actually wear it. When he found out that Kevin was gone, he found the next best thing.

Friendship at its finest

Barry chose a bright yellow dress and went with pink socks. He wanted to honor his promise the best way he could on such short notice. To be honest, no one should think about what to wear to a best friend’s funeral.

It was by far the most heartbreaking scene

Everyone knew Kevin was a cheerful guy full of life. He had many friends and hundreds of people showed up at his funeral.

His fellow servicemen were just as devastated as his family. They were his family on the front lines.

It was just heartbreaking to watch all those people honor Kevin. His family even made special t-shirts with personal messages. [Gosh, I could cry my soul out right now.]

When Barry showed up, people were speechless

Despite wearing a bright neon dress and socks, no one thought it was strange. Barry was Kevin’s best friend, and there was a reason for wearing this particular outfit. He tried to keep a straight face, but he just couldn’t… Barry started crying in front of everyone.

Barry felt crushed

Although he was crushed, Barry kept his promise. He honored his friend in the best way possible. He was there to let everyone know, one last time, that Kevin was all about the good things in life. And people knew Kevin was somewhere out there, watching his friends and loved one, and having a good laugh.

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He Wore A Bright Neon Dress To His Best Friend’s Funeral For The Best Reason Ever
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